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Vocal & Guitar 1977.08.03 B type


Bass 1977.04.07 A type


Drums 1978.03.27 B type

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Acidman is Nobuo Oki (Vo & G) Masatoshi Sato (B) and Ichigo Urayama. Their songs explore themes of life and universe, capturing the world in epic poetry. Their sound weaves in moments of calm, contrasted by intense, high energy rock. Acidman continues to expand the possibilities of a three piece rock band. The origins of Acidman date back to 1997, where the members met in Saitama, during high school. Originally a four member band, their vocalist quit and Oki filled in as lead singer. To the band’s surprise Oki’s voice married well with the music. Acidman rooted itself in the indie clubs of Shibuya and Shimokitazawa. Their growing fanbase helped Acidman climb the indie charts. After gaining much attention in the Indie scene, the band being signed by a major label in 2002. The same year Acidman release their first album on the label, “創” which won the band “New Artist of the Year” at the 17th annual Japan Golden Disc Awards. The Album “創” was followed by Loop”, “Equal” and “and World” Acidman was heavily involved with “Cinema” a collaborative event which was featured in Rock In Japan, Fuji Rock, and played throughout the festival, Summer Sonic. In 2004 for Acidman music video for “Sai (part 1) Mawaru, Meguru, Sono Kaku e" was critically acclaimed for it’s ground-breaking animation. Dream Award, 2004 Japan Media Arts Festival Audience Choice Award, SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards 05 BEST ROCK VIDEO Nominated for the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival in Vila do Condo, Portugal Excellence Award, SICAF Animation Film Festival 2007 While touring for their 5th Album “Green Chord” the band played for a massive audience at the world famous Budokan. 2008 Acidman released their 6th album “Life” The tour for the album included performing in front of an enormous audience at Japan’s largest venue Makahari Mese. 2009 Acidman released their 7th studio album, “A beautiful greed” 2010 Acidman released their 8th studio album “Alma,” followed by a successful international tour including Korea and Taiwan. Acidman also played the Budokan for a 3rd time. 2012 the band celebrates 15 years of performing together and 10 years with their label EMI. 


1997.07 Acidman was formed.
1998.01 Demo tape #1 released. (Not available for sale currently)
1998.06 Demo tape #2 released. (Not available for sale currently)
1999.02 Oki takes over as lead vocalist. From this point Acidman is a 3 piece band.
1999.06 Demo tape #3 released. (Not available for sale currently)
2000.04 Oki becomes a licensed Pharmacist.
2000.11 Released a Maxi Single for Nomadic Records consisting of 4 songs.
2001.10 The song “Seikitou” lands at number 3 on the Cable Radio Indies Chart.
2001.12 “Seikitou” is reissued from ATL.
2002.03.06 6th mini album “Sankasore” was released, debuting in the 29th spot on the Original Confidence chart.
2002.03-04 First tour all Japan tour “Oriental Tag Match.”
2002.05.25 Headlined at the Shimokitazawa live house “Garage.”
2002.07.12 Organized the collaborative event “Cinema Vol 0” at the Tokyo: Shibuya Yaneura (W/GQ06, Farida’s Cafe.)
2002.10.30 Acidman’s debut album Soul released. It reaches #9 on the Original Confidece chart.
2002.11.29 Headlined “Soul” at Shibuya On Air West.
2002.12.26 Headlined “Soul” at Osaka Atlantiqs.
2003.03.12 Simulatenously released Triple Side-A Single “Slow View” and a collection of DVD Clips “Sense of Soul.”
2003.03 Organized the collaborative event “Cinema Vol 1”
Tokyo Astro Hall (W/ Husiking Bee and Mixape)
Nagoya:ell FITS ALL (W/ Bloodthirsty Butchers and CONDOR 44)
Osaka Muse Hall (W/ Bloodthirsty Butchers, 韻シスト)
2003.03 Won Artist of the Year at the 17th Annual Japan Gold Disc Awards.
2003.04 Headlined at Tokyo: SHIBUYA-Ax, Osaka: BIG CAT, and Nagoya: ell.
2003.07.09 Released their single “Repeat” along with promotional DVD.
2003.08.06 Released their second album “Loop” which debuted at #6 on the Original Confidence Chart.
2003.09.10 Released their second compilation DVD “Scene of Loop.”
2003.09-10 ACIDMAN LIVE TOUR for the album Loop consisting of 8 live shows across Japan including; Zepp Tokyo, Nanba Hatch in Osaka and Club Diamond Hall in Nagoya.
2003.10.10 Additional performance was added to the ACIDMAN LIVE TOUR Loop at SHIBUYA-AX.
2004.03.03 Released a TRIPLE SIDE-A SINGLE Suisha.
2004.03-04 Organized the collaborative event Cinema Vol 2.
Osaka: Nanba Hatch (W/THE BACK HORN /INCIST)
Nagoya: Club Diamond Hall (W/THE BACK HORN/THE BAND APART)
2004.04.23 Acidman’s song Suisha was featured in the soundtrack for the film Casshern.
2004.07.14 Released From Mosh Pit On Disney, a cover album of Disney songs by Acidman and Low IQ.
2004.07.28 Released Mosh Pit On Disney. The album includes the song Colors of the Wind from the film Pocahontas.
2004.08.25 Released the single Equal E.P.
2004.09.15 Released their third Album “equal” which debuted on the Original Confidence chart at #10.
2004.10.14 Released their third DVD compilation Scene of Equal.
2004.10-12 ACIDMAN LIVE TOUR for the album Equal included 13 shows in 10 cities.
Tokyo: ZEPP TOKYO Osaka: Nanba Hatch Nagoya: CLUB DIAMOND HALL
2005.05.18 Released the Single Aru Shoumei.
2005.06 Organized the collaborative event Cinema Vol 3.
Nagoya: Aichi Ken Kinro Kaikan (W/BACK DROP BOMB /MO’SOME TONEBENDER)
Fukuoka: Fukuoka Chimen Kaikaa (W/AIR / MO’SOME TONEBENDER)
Sendai: Sendai Chimen Kaikan (W/ BACK DROP BOMB / INCIST)
Tokyo: Shibuya Kokaido (Day 1 W/ BACK DROP BOMB /MO’SOME TONEBENDER)(Day 2 W/AIR/INCIST)
Hokkaido: Sapporo Shi Kaikan (W/MASTER LOW /INCIST)
2005.10.19 Released the single Kisetsu no Tou.
2005.11.09 Released the single World Symphony.
2005.12.07 Released their fourth album And World which debuted on the Original Confidence chart at #9.
2006.01.25 Released their third DVD compilation “Scene of ‘and world’”
2006.03-04 ACIDMAN LIVE TOUR for the album And World.
Tokyo: SHIBUYA-Ax All Country tour of Zepp venues, 7 shows in 6 cities.
2006.04.09 ACIDMAN LIVE TOUR And World additional shows added at Zepp Tokyo.
2006.07.19 Released their first live performance DVD And World Tour Final 20060409.
2006.09.06 Released the single Slow Rain.
Compsed and Arranging "Love&Everything" of GENKI SUDO debut single.
2006.11.15 Released the single Prism no Yoru.
2007.02.27 Released their fifth album Green Chord which debuted on the Original Confidence Chart at #8
2007.03.07 Released their fifth DVD compilation Scene of ‘Green Chord’.
2007.03-05 Acidman Live Tour for the album Green Chord 12 shows in 11 cities across Japan. Acidman headlined for the first time at the world famous Budokan.
2007.07.18 Released the single Remind.
2007.09.05 Live DVD Acidman Live Tour ‘Green Chord’ taped at the Budokan.
2007.11.28 Released the single Unfold.
2008.02.20 Released the single Shikijitsu.
2008.04.16 Released their 6th album Life which debuted at #9 on the Original Confidence Chart.
2008.05.21 Released their sixth DVD compilation Scene of ‘Life’.
2008.06.07 ACIDMAN LIVE TOUR for the album Life 15 shows in 14 cities across Japan. Acidman headlined at Japan Japan’s largest venue Makahari Mese.
2008.10.08 Released the live concert DVD Live Tour ‘Life’ recorded at Makahari Mese.
2008.11.12 Released the single I Stand Free.
2009.02.25 Released the single Carve With the Sense.
2009.04.08 Participated in the "AGGRESSIVE DOGS TRIBUTE ALBUM "真我". (To cover the 紫電一閃-sidenissen-.)
2009.05.27 Released the single Under the Rain.
2009.07.29 Released the 7th album A Beautiful Greed which debuted on the Original Confidence chart at #4.
2009.09.02 Released their 7th DVD compilation scene of A Beautiful Greed.
2009.10-12 Acidman Live Tour for the album A Beautiful Greed 21 shows in 18 cities across Japan. The last day of the tour was held at the Budokan. This was Acidman’s 2nd time performing at the historic venue.
2010.04.21 Released the live DVD Acidman Live Tour ‘A Beautiful Greed’ recorded at the Budokan.
2010.07.21 Released the single Dear Freedom.
2010.07.28 Participated in the "ROCK STITCH". (To cover the Can't Help Falling In Love.)
2010.09.22 Released the single ALMA.
2010.12.01 Released the album ALMA.
2011.02.23 Released their 8th DVD compilation scene of ALMA.
2011.02-06 ACIDMAN LIVE TOUR for the album Alma 15 shows in 13 cities including Korea and Taiwan. This tour included Acidman’s third time headlining the Budokan.
2011.09.28 Acidman celebrated 15 years of performing and 10 years of being signed to a major label with the simultaneous release of the Album Second Line & Acoustic Collection & the Live Concert DVD Live Tour ‘Alma’ recorded at the Budokan.
2011.10 Performed an acoustic live concert tour Second Line & Acoustic Live. This was their first acoustic concert tour which included shows in Tokyo, Osaka Nagoya and Fukushima.
2011.11.30 Oki participated as a guest vocal of SPECIAL OTHERS "あの国まで".
2012.02.08 Simultaneous released their first “Best Of” album Acidman The Best, , This is Instrumental, an acoustic live concert album Second line & Acoustic Live at Shibuya Kokaido 20111013, and the limited edition 10th Anniversary Premium Box set Acidman The Best.
2012.03-04 ACIDMAN LIVE TOUR 15th & 10th Anniversary Tour 10 cities including Korea and Taiwan.
2012.04.14 Acidman played in their hometown of Saitama, at the Saitama Super Arena for their largest audience in their 15 year history.
2012.09.19 Simultaneous release of the single Alchemist and the live concert DVD "Live15th & 10th Anniversary Tour" recorded at the Saitama Super Arena.
2012.12.19 Released the single SHINSEKAI.
2013.02.27 Released the album SHINSEKAI.
2013.03.27 Released their 9th DVD compilation scene of SHINSEKAI.
2013.06-07 ACIDMAN LIVE TOUR for the album Shinsekai 18 shows in 17 cities including Korea and Taiwan. This tour included Acidman’s forth time headlining the Budokan.
2013.12.18 Released the live DVD Live Tour ‘SHINSEKAI’ recorded at the Budokan.
2014.01.29 Participated in the "Yes, We Love butchers ~Tribute to bloodthirsty butchers~ Mumps". (To cover the "襟がゆれてる".)
2014.04.16 Released the single EVERLIGHT.